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“Rip Harambe” t-shirts are a popular fashion trend that pays homage to the beloved gorilla, Harambe, who was tragically killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. The shirts represent the lasting impact Harambe has had on the world and serve as a reminder of the tragedy that took place. This article introduces What are Rip Harambe T-shirts, and its Advantages, Disadvantages and Application Scenarios.

What are Rip Harambe T-shirts?

Rip Harambe T-shirts are a type of clothing featuring designs and graphics that pay tribute to Harambe, a gorilla who gained worldwide attention in 2016. Harambe tragically lost his life at the Cincinnati Zoo, sparking intense public discussion and emotions. Rip Harambe T-shirts emerged as a way for people to remember and honor Harambe’s memory.

These T-shirts typically feature various images or slogans related to Harambe, often incorporating his likeness and the phrase “RIP Harambe.” The designs aim to evoke a sense of remembrance, sympathy, and support for the gorilla. Rip Harambe T-shirts have become symbolic representations of the broader conversation surrounding animal welfare, conservation, and responsible zoological practices.

Advantages of Rip Harambe T-shirts

  1. Awareness and Remembrance: Rip Harambe T-shirts serve as a powerful tool for raising awareness about animal conservation and the importance of responsible zoological practices. By wearing these T-shirts, individuals can spark conversations and educate others about the significance of Harambe’s story.
  2. Emotional Connection: These T-shirts provide a means for people to express their emotional connection to Harambe. Wearing a Rip Harambe T-shirt allows individuals to show their support and sympathy for the gorilla, fostering a sense of unity and shared grief.
  3. Commemorative Symbolism: Rip Harambe T-shirts have become a symbol of tribute and remembrance. They offer a way for individuals to honor Harambe’s memory and show that his story has had a lasting impact on their lives. These T-shirts serve as a tangible representation of the collective movement to remember Harambe and advocate for animal welfare.
  4. Conversation Starter: Rip Harambe T-shirts often act as conversation starters, initiating meaningful discussions about animal rights, conservation, and the ethical treatment of animals in zoos. Wearing these T-shirts can encourage dialogue and promote a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding Harambe’s tragic incident.
  5. Support for Wildlife Causes: By purchasing and wearing Rip Harambe T-shirts, individuals can contribute indirectly to animal conservation efforts. Some sellers donate a portion of their profits to organizations dedicated to wildlife preservation and environmental causes, making it a way to support these initiatives financially.

It is important to recognize that while Rip Harambe T-shirts have their advantages, they also come with certain considerations and potential disadvantages, such as sensitivity and commercialization concerns, as discussed earlier.

Disadvantages of Rip Harambe T-shirts

  1. Sensitivity and Controversy: The use of Harambe’s image on T-shirts can be a sensitive and controversial topic for some individuals. The tragic incident surrounding Harambe’s death evokes a range of emotions and opinions. It is crucial to approach the subject with respect and sensitivity, recognizing that not everyone may view the use of his image in a positive light.
  2. Commercialization Concerns: Some critics argue that the commercialization of Harambe’s tragedy through T-shirts and other merchandise can be seen as exploitative. They believe that profiting from a tragic event may undermine the sincerity of the tribute and disregard the serious nature of the incident. It is important to strike a balance between commemoration and ethical considerations when producing and selling Rip Harambe T-shirts.
  3. Misrepresentation or Misinterpretation: As with any form of communication, there is a potential for misinterpretation or misrepresentation when wearing Rip Harambe T-shirts. While individuals may wear these T-shirts with good intentions, some people may misunderstand the message or perceive it differently. It is essential to engage in open and respectful dialogue when discussing the significance behind the T-shirts to avoid any unintended consequences or misunderstandings.
  4. Intellectual Property and Copyright Concerns: The use of Harambe’s image on T-shirts raises potential copyright concerns. The rights to Harambe’s likeness are owned by various parties, and unauthorized use of copyrighted material can result in legal issues. It is important to respect intellectual property rights and seek appropriate permissions or licenses when using copyrighted images or designs.

It is crucial for individuals interested in wearing Rip Harambe T-shirts to consider these potential disadvantages and approach the subject with sensitivity and respect. Balancing the commemorative aspect with ethical considerations is essential to ensure that the tribute to Harambe remains meaningful and respectful.

Application Scenarios of Rip Harambe T-shirts

Rip Harambe T-shirts find their application in various scenarios, serving as a visual representation of remembrance and support. Some common application scenarios for Rip Harambe T-shirts include:

  1. Memorials and Commemorative Events: Rip Harambe T-shirts are often worn at memorials, anniversaries, and events dedicated to honoring Harambe’s memory. These T-shirts serve as a way to visually unite individuals who share a deep appreciation for Harambe’s life and want to pay tribute to his legacy.
  2. Wildlife Awareness Campaigns: Individuals participating in wildlife conservation efforts, fundraisers, or awareness campaigns often choose to wear Rip Harambe T-shirts. These T-shirts help convey the message of supporting animal rights, raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation, and encouraging others to join the cause.
  3. Everyday Wear: For some individuals, Rip Harambe T-shirts have become a part of their everyday attire. By wearing these T-shirts in their day-to-day lives, people express their personal beliefs and values regarding animal welfare and environmental causes. It serves as a reminder to themselves and others of the ongoing need to protect wildlife and promote responsible zoological practices.
  4. Social Gatherings and Gatherings with Like-minded Individuals: Rip Harambe T-shirts can be worn at social gatherings or events where like-minded individuals come together to discuss animal conservation or share stories related to Harambe. These T-shirts often act as conversation starters, fostering meaningful dialogues and allowing individuals to connect over shared interests and passions.
  5. Online Tributes and Social Media: In the digital realm, Rip Harambe T-shirts are frequently shared and worn as a form of virtual tribute. People post pictures of themselves wearing the T-shirts on social media platforms, sharing stories, and memories associated with Harambe. This online presence helps spread awareness about animal conservation and keeps the memory of Harambe alive in the digital space.

It is important to note that the application scenarios for Rip Harambe T-shirts may vary based on individual preferences and the context in which they are worn. These T-shirts provide a tangible way for individuals to express their support, raise awareness, and engage in conversations surrounding wildlife preservation and the impact of Harambe’s story.


In conclusion, Rip Harambe T-shirts continue to make a lasting impact by honoring Harambe’s memory, raising awareness about animal conservation, and stimulating meaningful conversations. While they possess advantages such as promoting remembrance and wildlife conservation, considerations should be made regarding sensitivity and ethical commercialization. As these T-shirts find their place in memorials, awareness campaigns, and everyday wear, they serve as a visible symbol of Harambe’s legacy and our collective responsibility towards protecting wildlife.


Are Rip Harambe T-shirts officially endorsed by the Cincinnati Zoo?

No, Rip Harambe T-shirts are not officially endorsed by the Cincinnati Zoo. They are primarily produced and sold by independent entities and individuals as a way to remember Harambe and raise awareness.

Can I customize my Rip Harambe T-shirt design?

Yes, many online platforms and local print shops offer customization options for Rip Harambe T-shirts, allowing you to add your personal touch while still honoring Harambe’s legacy.

Do the proceeds from Rip Harambe T-shirt sales go to charitable causes?

It varies depending on the seller. Some entities donate a portion of their profits to animal conservation organizations, while others solely focus on the production and sale of the T-shirts.

How can Rip Harambe T-shirts contribute to animal conservation efforts?

By wearing Rip Harambe T-shirts, individuals raise awareness about wildlife preservation, sparking conversations and potentially inspiring others to get involved in animal conservation initiatives.

Are there any copyright concerns associated with using Harambe’s image on T-shirts?

The use of Harambe’s image on T-shirts may potentially raise copyright concerns, as the rights to his likeness are owned by various parties. It is important to respect intellectual property rights and seek permission when necessary.

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